Our focus is to create brand new EXPERIENCES 
that evoke emotions, move you, stimulate you… 



Synesthesia X1 - 2.44 feat. evala (See by Your Ears) at Media Ambition Tokyo (2019)
Letting go of your body on this device equipped with 44 vibrating actuators makes you feel as if you’re wrapped in a world of sounds, lights and vibrations. A joint project by Enhance, Rhizomatiks, featuring sound artist evala (See by Your Ears) who introduces a new musical experience where your body itself becomes the medium. Your consciousness is honed as you naturally become a part of the flow.

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Through the power of music, sound, and visuals, we breathe a new life into the timeless masterpiece Tetris. This brand new unimagined experience is further elevated when played in VR — you’re in for a surprise when you discover an emotional, story-telling side to this addictive puzzle game.

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“Synesthesia Whale” at VENT, an art project at Oya History Museum (2018)
Based on the theme of perception expansion, we showcased a prototype “Synesthesia Whale” ̶ an experiential art piece where user interaction produces countless particles reacting with sound, eventually taking shape as a gigantic whale swimming through the open space of the Oya Museum.

Lumines Remastered is an HD remake of the award-winning Lumines that debuted in 2004 on the PlayStation Portable. It beautifully marries the elements of sound, light and puzzle-action into one addictive, yet easy-to-play game. The newly designed haptic feedback -- which can be felt across eight Nintendo Switch controllers -- adds a whole new dimension while playing to the beats. Lumines Remastered is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

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The Synesthesia Suit was originally conceptualized and developed for Rez Infinite (2016) -- a suit capable of augmenting the visio-auditory sensory experiences with the sense of touch.

The suit is internally equipped with 26 actuators that vibrate along with the music and make the human body a conduit for soundwaves.

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Released in 2016, Rez Infinite won high praise from fans and critics alike, as well as the first-ever Best VR Game title at The Game Awards that same year. Earning over 40 industry nominations including the BAFTA Game Awards (Audio Achievement category), the VR-compatible game maintains its position as the one of the highest rated titles. Rez Infinite is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4/PlayStation VR, PC (Steam), HTC VIVE, Oculus and Daydream.

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