Take a Virtual Tour of Virtual Realms

Enhance and Rhizomatiks’ latest work Rezonance is one of six “realms” featured in the Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed exhibition, currently on show at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. It gives visitors a taste of synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon where sound can be ‘seen’ and visuals can be ‘heard’ and ‘felt.’

“Virtual Realms is a very ambitious and exciting project for game designers, game developers, and media artists,” says Co-Curator and Enhance founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi. “I think everybody can enjoy the new chemistry mixing with the game experience. Media designers and media artists interpret that experience into a new experiential form.”

For those unable to make the trip to experience it in person, the museum has posted two virtual tours of the installation on YouTube. The eight-minute videos take you through the installation space, highlighting each work—including a look at Rezonance.