Develop: Brighton 2017 Keynote, Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s “Beautiful Dream”

[Develop: Brighton 2017 press release, April 24, 2017] 

Tetsuya Mizuguchi will be taking to the stage at this year’s conference, reflecting on an illustrious 27 year career with the aid of EDGE editor Nathan Brown.

Few developers can boast so varied a CV as Tetsuya Mizuguchi. In his 27 years in the videogame business he’s designed hydraulic-powered arcade cabinets, crafted stone-cold classics such as Sega Rally, taken the music-game genre to ludicrous new heights with Rez Infinite and Lumines, and is currently pushing at the boundaries of virtual reality. He’s taught game design and invented mad, experience-enhancing peripherals.

His talk, “Tetsuya Mizuguchi: Beautiful Dream”, will look back at his remarkable career, from his early days in Sega’s arcade division right up to his current work at his new studio, Enhance Games. And naturally there’ll be a glimpse of the future, too, as he shares his thoughts on what virtual, augmented and mixed reality can offer games as a whole, as well as where he wants to take them.

“We’re delighted to welcome Tetsuya Mizuguchi to this year’s Develop:Brighton conference,” said Andy Lane, managing director of Tandem Events. “His career has spanned almost three decades and is overflowing with inspirational achievements. We can’t wait to hear him share his thoughts on the industry, both then and now.”

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