Game Informer: “The Making of HUMANITY®, 2023’s Best Puzzle Game” (Documentary)

The Game Informer team went to Tokyo and visited tha ltd. and Enhance to speak to the core creative team of HUMANITY including Executive Producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Enhance) and Creative Director Yugo Nakamura (tha ltd.) about the project’s origins and development cycle. 

The 25 minute documentary called, “The Making of Humanity, 2023’s Best Puzzle Game” also features interviews from the Enhance team: Mark MacDonald (Executive Producer), Eiichiro Ishige (Game Design Director), Kentaro Yama (Technical Director, Programming, Design), Charles Joseph Roum (Project Manager).

We are honored to have HUMANITY be named 2023’s Best Puzzle Game by Game Informer. Thank you for the recognition and for creating such a thoughtful documentary.

The action-puzzle game HUMANITY is available on PlayStation®5 (PS VR2 compatible), PlayStation®4 (PS VR compatible), and Steam (PC VR compatible).