Tetris® Effect Celebrated as One of the Greatest Games of the Past 30 Years

We are thrilled that Tetris Effect has been ranked #29 on EDGE Magazine’s list of the 100 greatest games of the past 30 years in their special anniversary edition. This is a prestigious honor, and we are grateful to our fans for their support over the years.

As we approach the 5th anniversary of Tetris Effect’s release, we are excited to continue sharing the joy of Tetris® with players around the world with Tetris Effect: Connected and the annual Tetris Effect: Connected World Championship Tournament.

Read the excerpt below:

A masterpiece that solves Tetris’s only weakness – a lack of structure – with stages that offer ebb and flow in their challenge. Play for long enough and you’ll sink into The Zone (here literalised as a mechanic), leaving the rest of your brain free to appreciate the sumptuous, quantised firework display at the game’s edges – and your heartstrings available for a good old twanging. We’re all together in this love; don’t you forget it.

“Plenty has been written about the ‘perfection’ of Tetris, and how it can’t be improved – how it’s a thing of singular purity, lessened by any addition or omission. I think Tetris has been improving, slowly refined as bad gimmicks refuse to stick and the rare golden tweak earns a place in the next iteration. Tetris Effect sits at the peak.
Moreover, despite all the ink spilled about Tetris’s sublime beauty, I think Tetris Effect is the only entry that celebrates that beauty. It’s easy to find its whale song and togetherness cheesy, but if you give yourself over to it, and feel the joy of Tetris as earnestly as Effect invites you to, you can share the rare bliss of something that truly rejoices in itself.”