Tetsuya Mizuguchi on My Perfect Console Podcast with Simon Parkin

Tetsuya Mizuguchi was honored to be a guest on Simon Parkin’s new podcast called My Perfect Console. In the episode, Miz dives into his memories to tell stories about his childhood, going to arcades in the 1980s, how he wanted to be a music video director, and how he landed his first job at SEGA. Listen to hear which five video games he chose to be on his perfect console and the memories associated with each game.

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Podcast Description: In My Perfect Console, Simon Parkin, contributing writer for the New Yorker and The Observer newspaper’s video game critic invites guests from the worlds of gaming, film and television, music, comedy and more to pick the five video games they would like to immortalise on their very own fictional games machine, and discuss what their choices mean to them.