Synesthesia X1 featured on CNN’s “Innovate Japan”

Synesthesia X1Synesthesia Lab’s latest collaborative project between Enhance, Rhizomatiks, and sound artist evala (See by Your Ears)has been featured by CNN International. 

Watch Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s exclusive interview, presented with CNN’s official press release:

“Beginning this week on CNN, ‘Innovate Japan’ examines how a nation famous for introducing technological wonders to the world is innovating to improve life for its aging population. From artificial intelligence and robotics to virtual reality and sensory experiences, the latest creations to come out of Japan have the potential to change the way people live around the world.

In this special 30-minute program, CNN International correspondent Will Ripley explores Japan’s evolving technological landscape through the prism of its aging society.

Enhance created the multi-sensory Synesthesia Suit to trigger sensation and maximize the video game experience. Now with its newest product ‘Synesthesia X1,’ the company is exploring how it can apply its breakthrough technology to the wellness field, using the power of touch, vision, sound and music to bring mindfulness to a new generation of users.”