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We are looking for individuals to join our team who embody our values, share our passion and commitment to delivering unique experiences. If you are interested in the position(s) below, please apply via Contact at the bottom of the page.

Positions available





Lead Audio Designer

  • Enhance is seeking an Lead Audio Designer with experience creating the total audio soundscape (sound effects, music) for new studio projects. Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of how to wield the power of audio effectively to explore finding audible expressions that resonate with feedback to other senses (visual, haptic) to create moving interactive experiences.

  • Please note that while we are a multicultural team and welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures, this role requires general business-level Japanese proficiency sufficient for collaboration with peers and partners.




  • · Lead the concepting and implementation of audio and music for select projects
  • · Interface with engineering teams to raise the standard of technical tooling to support in-project audio
  • · Collaborate with creative teams from all disciplines to manifest how audio contributes to a cohesive user experience
  • · Work with partners in audio as needed on tasks including but not limited to audio asset creation, direction, and recording session oversight



Desired Qualifications (not all are required to apply):

  • · Proven experience concepting and implementing audio that serves to enhance an interactive, multisensory user experience
  • · Strong expertise in sound design fundamentals, implementation, and audio production best practices,
  • · Proficiency in industry-standard DAWs and related tool sets
  • · Experience in working cooperatively with developers of all types (engineering, design, art, etc.) to create deep multisensory experiences
  • · Strong skills in working to plan the scope and approach to building new creative experiences




  • · Experience working with or creating audio procedurally
  • · Interest or experience in sound analysis and sound processing technology
  • · Interest or experience in designing multisensory synesthetic experiences
  • · Experience working in MR, XR, or VR applications
  • · Technical proficiency in writing code for audio applications
  • · Proficiency with modern software tool sets such as Wwise, game engines (such as Unity, Unreal, or proprietary), and scripting languages



Place of work

  • · Hybrid – While in office/co-located work in Tokyo may occasionally be required for team planning and project review, the great majority of the time you are free to work from your own location







Senior Animator

  • Enhance is seeking an Senior Animator who can work in 3D to help us bring our new game based on original IP to life. As an early team member and the first animation specialist on the product you will work collaboratively with other foundational members of the crew to prototype ideas and expressions, and over the life of the development bring the best ideas to life at production quality.  We intend to stay nimble but mighty in terms of team size, so you can expect to collaborate and contribute across the game in a variety of ways.


  • Please note that while we are a multicultural team and welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures, this role requires Japanese ability sufficient for daily collaboration with your peers.




  • · Creating designs, specifications, and realtime 3d animation for a videogame 

  • · Primary assets to be animated are bipedal humans at a 20~30K polygon count with subject matter focusing on common real world actions and expressive facial animations 
  • · General aesthetic is in a toon shaded style with head to body proportions of roughly 1:6~7
  • · Using the above models you’ll take the designs through actual production, overseeing designing rigs, developing bone structure, implementing animations and overseeing the commissioning of some outsourced animation work as well. 



Desired Qualifications (not all are required to apply):

  • · Experience working on a game development project
  • · Experience animating models of human characters in 3D
  • · Experience rigging 3D human characters(specifically developing control rigs. The 3D modeler you partner with will take care of weighting!)
  • · Experience developing animation specs for other developers to execute
  • · Experience doing facial animations for human characters, experience developing cutscenes 




  • · Experience developing games as part of a team
  • · Familiarity with utilizing motion capture data
  • · Proficiency in Unreal or Unity 
  • · Ability to animate and rig animals – such as quadrupeds and birds
  • · Demonstrable strength in more nuanced animation – specifically the movements you see in daily life or subtle facial expressions versus flashy over-the-top battle sequences   
  • · A desire to tackle unfamiliar creative challenges with an open mind



Place of work:

  • · Hybrid – While some in office/co-located work in Tokyo is occasionally required for team planning and project review, the majority of the time you are free to work from your own location 





If you are interested in applying, please submit your information and resume by clicking Contact below.