GDC 2016 トークセッション:Rez, A Classic Game Postmortem

3月17日に米サンフランシスコで開催中の Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016(ゲーム開発者カンファレンス)にて、弊社代表の水口哲也が “Rez: A Classic Game Postmortem” のトークセッションを行いました。

Mizuguchi’s life work has revolved around activating our imaginations and elevating human consciousness through various forms of media, including music video games, live performances and music itself. At his newly-established studio, Enhance Games, he continues to lead an effort to develop synesthetic entertainment experiences with the power of mobile and virtual reality technology.

Now, as he and his team draw closer to bringing Rez to life in VR on PlayStation 4 as Rez Infinite, Mizuguchi will take to the stage at GDC 2016 in March to speak at length about his work producing the iconic music-driven rail shooter Rez, a game that has proven iconic and influential to to a generation of game makers following its original 2001 release.

HMV Japan:水口哲也氏が今だからこそ語る『Rez』秘話。『Rez Infinite』新ステージ“Area X”コンセプトビジュアルも公開【GDC 2016】