iam8bit x Rez Infinite PS4 Physical Reissue and Area X Vinyl by Hydelic

iam8bit and Enhance teamed up to reenvision the Rez Infinite PS4 Physical Edition with a new design and eco-packaging.

Winner of inaugural Best VR Game category at The Game Awards 2016, Rez Infinite features fully remastered classic Rez levels Areas 1 through 5, and an all-new free-flying experience in Area X. Rez Infinite in VR must be seen—and heard—to be believed.

  • Rez Infinite PS4 Eco-friendly packaging, designed by Cory Schmitz
  • Limited edition, 5000 copies
  • Includes exclusive fold out poster
  • PS4 and PSVR compatible
  • Region-free worldwide compatibility 
  • Estimated delivery Q1 2020

Pre-order begins November 27 @ 7AM PT. 

“Singularity X (Area X tracks from Rez Infinite)” is the complete Area X album by award-winning musical artist Hydelic.

  • Includes new unreleased tracks (12 tracks total)
  • Orange vinyl encased in a gradient slipcover viewable through “X” cut-outs
  • Album art designed by Cory Schmitz

Area X is the debut work for Hydelic, which earned several nominations including Best Music/Sound Design at The Game Awards (2016), Audio Achievement at the BAFTA Game Awards (2017), and Best Audio at the Game Developers Choice Awards (2016).

The album takes the listener on an energetic and emotional journey through the layers of Area X. Estimated delivery Q1 2020 and includes a free Bandcamp download code. 

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Pre-order begins November 27 @ 7AM PT.